Monthly Horoscope



Aries natives will fall into the potholes of exaggerating topics. Without any kind of involvement, you will be dragged to some baseless topics this month. So, due to this, you will lose many auspicious moments with your closed ones. A festive mood is going to welcome you Aries people. You will enjoy some kind of family gatherings and marriage functions. Due to heavy workload, you may show your frustration on your family and friends. Try to meditate and calm yourself for better understanding and quality time. There are some chances of facing minor injuries in your left leg as the involvement of Saturn is deviating towards the negative route. Be careful by the end of this month. Make sure you not get trapped with some fraud sources as well.

  • Lucky tip- Offer water and milk to a banana tree.
  • Lucky Colour- Black.
  • Lucky Material- Silver.
  • Lucky Direction- South.



Taurus natives are a little bit stubborn about everything. This month their stubborn nature will pay them back with good results though. You people will gather much secretive knowledge about your work and exploring nature. Your deviating mind will grab several solutions to your queries. There will be no such workload that will bother you this first week of the month. You will enjoy the best weeks of this year. Tour attention will flow towards some sports and art activities. You will be eager to gain knowledge about your cultural practices. Elderly people will be more energetic this month as they will get all the love and care from their family. Health issues are not in your track this month. You just need to maintain a hygienic and healthy routine.

  • Lucky tip- Feed stray dogs and cows.
  • Lucky Colour- Green.
  • Lucky Material- Copper.
  • Lucky direction- East.



Gemini people may get disturbed with some unnecessary elements throughout the month. You will lose your temper and mental peace due to a hectic schedule. Some kind of business trip or tour is waiting for you this month. The business presentation on your trip will help you to strengthen your financial status rapidly. Workspace life will be very shining and fruitful for you guys. Your senior authorities will love your work and will think of your bonus or increment. Children will get new friends in their school or college premises. There are some chances of social functions in which children will participate and perform very well. You may face some kind of debt this month but it will be recovered soon. You may get engaged with your crush this month as well.

  • Lucky tip- Always wash your errands with Gangajal and cow dung.
  • Lucky Colour- Maroon..
  • Lucky Material- Iron.
  • Lucky Direction- East.



Cancer natives will be very worried about their health status. There are chances of some major health instruction as the positioning of Rahu in your fourth house is very strong this month. Your confidence will work as a sword to distract these health issues so have some faith in yourself. You will lose your patience in various aspects of life. Your closed ones may oppose you from doing good things. It is highly recommended that listen to yourself. Never lose confidence in yourself. Your love life will be very flourishing towards the end of this month. Your partner will support you with everything they will make you physically and morally strong. You will perform very good in your workplace but your credit will be taken by some of your colleagues.

  • Lucky tip- Donate black clothes to the poor.
  • Lucky colour- Red.
  • Lucky Material-Silver.
  • Lucky direction- South.



Leo natives are already very strong with their point of views. They always maintain their dignity and practice a very good attitude. This month they will be proud of their hard work and efforts in the work field. They will be known for their great support and involvement in working strategies. Parties and fun is waiting for them with friends and family. You may get some delayed payments for your business. Some family friends may bring a very good marriage proposal for you Leo people. Exciting days are vibing up ahead for you. Health perspective will be stable this month. Cough and joint pain may bother you.

  • Lucky tip- Water tulsi plants around you.
  • Lucky colour- Orange.
  • Lucky Material- Bronze.
  • Lucky direction- North.



Virgo natives will involve themselves in every social activity around them. You are a little bit tilted towards sacred stuff. So, a good life should always serve kindness is your motive. You will find some mismatched strategies of your colleagues in the workspace. Due to this, you will not be able to represent yourself thoroughly. But you will get several chances to reshave your identity. Within these chances, you will maintain a good personality though. Your parents will be proud of your presence of mind and activities. Your faith in your skills will take you to the peak of success very swiftly. There is no possibility of any kind of vacation or trips. You will be always available at the cosy corner of your home. Health status will be maintained and stable.

  • Lucky tip- Feed curd and rice to crows.
  • Lucky colour- Purple.
  • Lucky Material- Silver.
  • Lucky Direction- South.



Libra people may face some bad consequences this upcoming month. The consequences will be related to some past days issues. But with your wonderful attitude behaviour, you will be able to surpass the consequence with great positivity. Your planned strategies for the presentation will work very efficiently at your workspace. This month a brand new property will be yours and you will plan to make it for your business purpose. People trying out lotteries will get 100% best results with extremely handsome gifts. Your health prediction is very good and there will be no such major health issues. Maintain a good diet planning and follow it strictly for best results.

  • Lucky tip- Read the phrase of Bhagavad Geeta every morning.
  • Lucky Colour- Magenta.
  • Lucky Material- Copper.
  • Lucky Direction- West.



Immediate improvement after 9th of December will give your glorious future ahead. Scorpio people will get the enhancing effects of planet Mercury in this upcoming month. Some delayed works regarding your profession will be completed this month. Rigorous efforts and your challenge accepting features will make you stand out of the box. Your communication perspective will change vastly and will attract many sources towards you. These sources may lead you towards a vibrant future ahead. The way of presenting yourself is very unique so maintain that personality to flourish this time. Elderly people will visit some holy places to gain a peaceful aura. Try to stay away from mental stress. This month may trick you often.

  • Lucky tip- Worship a banyan tree every day.
  • Lucky Colour- Blue.
  • Lucky Material- Bronze.
  • Lucky direction- East.



People you underestimated last time will show you many unexpected developments of themselves. These attributes of them may erase your confidence level. But after the 10th of December that lost moral will energize itself rapidly. You will be able to eliminate all the barriers and limitations of your life. You will isolate many known faces who betrayed you continuously. You will not show any kind of favouritism to anyone. Students who are pursuing their dream career will be able to pursue their dream job as well. You will perform very well in your competitive sectors. Within your dream job, you will also get interested in setting up some side business also. Health factors may get imbalanced in the midweek of this month.

  • Lucky tip- Feed sweets to white cows.
  • Lucky colour- Brown.
  • Lucky material- Copper.
  • Lucky direction- South.



Capricorn natives will be very beneficial in terms of finance and career. They will get enormous chances to lift their financial status to the peak. Their performance in the workspace will speak much louder. The business perspective is also very good in this upcoming month. You will have a very keen attraction to one of your co-worker. You may propose them for a lifetime commitment. Due to the negative involvement of Saturn in your Zodiac, you may face some robbery at your space. Try to report the case and get your property back. Children may face some injuries due to their mischievous activities. Ladies will be more interested in partying and going on trips.

  • Lucky tip- Pray to Lord Hanuman every day.
  • Lucky colour- Black.
  • Lucky material- Silver.
  • Lucky direction- North.



Aquarius people will be very nervous about some kind of indulgence. But your friends and family will support you to boost your confidence and belief in yourself. You will lead some group projects and perform very incredibly in that. Your creativity factor will enhance its existence this month and will be praised by several sources. Spending some quality time with your close ones will bring you many succeeding terms in life. Sharing some details about your working strategies may lead you to some kind of issues. You may lose your identity. But later you will fix everything with your solid and positive features. As per the predictions, your health status will be good and overwhelming. You will never face any kind of negligence from your health perspective.

  • Lucky tip- Offer rice to crows.
  • Lucky colour- Sky Blue.
  • Lucky material- Bronze.
  • Lucky direction- South.



Something that was obstructing your way for a long time will disappear automatically. You will be able to explore every aspect of your life very confidently. Your lost hope will weave its existence for a beautiful love life this upcoming month. You will get your soulmate for sure. Committed ones will get many positive surprises from their beloved partner. Your physical energy will also gain strength. A valuable lesson that you learned years back will be important for you this upcoming month. Listen to the elders and cooperate with your family. A major decision of your family will work very positively for you in the end. So, don't jump into the conclusion right after the making of the decision. There are no chances of injuries or any bad health status.

  • Lucky tip: Offer sweets to Radhakrishna temple.
  • Lucky Colour: Red.
  • Lucky material: Silver.
  • Lucky direction: West.

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