Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

This by nature traveller zodiac sign is known for its open and philosophical view for motivation. Sagittarius is extrovert, optimistic, full of enthusiasm and always in go on mode for changes. This fire sign is very energetic and curious.
  • Sagittarius are always on a quest for knowledge
  • They are looking for thrill-seeking expeditions
  • This mutable sign is ready for adaptability
  • Sagittarians are lovers of freedom
  • They are spontaneous and fun
ElementsFire is the element here
SymbolThe centaur is the symbol of Sagittarius
PolaritySagittarius is Positive
ColorBlue is the lucky colour
DayThursday is the lucky day in a week
Lucky GemstoneTopaz is the favorable gemstone
Ruling PlanetMars
Ruling House it is available in the Ninth house
Lucky Number 3 is the lucky number
Compatible SignAries, Gemini
Lucky Dates3,6,9,12, 15, 18,21,24

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Sagittarius Career

A Sagittarius may work hard and push themselves to the maximum limit only if they love their job. This sign has a flair for imagination and creative skills. So designing based jobs suits them the most.

Sagittarius Health

A Sagittarius loves to keep on going, even other quits. Backaches, sciatic nerve issues are common in them. This sign controls the reproductive organs, so cramps and other issues are common.

Sagittarius Job

Sagittarians love to explore the world and find out new ideas and cultures. Their outgoing nature makes them good candidates for leadership and management roles. They will do good in creative fields.

Sagittarius Love

Sagittarius is big by heart and an open-minded sign. This sign never makes any assumptions about people until they are truly met and spoken with them. As they are very honest, they love to impress you with their knowledge and personality.

Sagittarius Business

As Sagittarians love freedom, they love to be the boss of their own. In their business, they love experimenting and bringing change. They always keep in mind to finish the task but being in conditions and following certain routines are not their.

Sagittarius Marriage

Sagittarius need someone to keep up with them. They are not egomaniacs, they love seeing their partners thrive and succeed. Commitment makes them feel claustrophobic, but if they find enough space then they can be incredibly loyal to their partner.

Sagittarius Finance

Money is the weak point for most Sagittarians. As they love to be free, they have cravings to overspend money. They are ready to take risks for their finances. They feel it would be a shame to waste any time waiting, saving or carefully planning their finances.

Sagittarius Friendship

Sagittarius is a loyal, loving friend, but won't hesitate to let you know your faults. They like friends in real-time and are great at reconnecting after a decade. They are not interested in your drama and do not have patience for it.

Sagittarius Lifestyle

Sagittarius and travel have sole connections. An active Sagittarius always loves her feet and will appreciate a really good pedicure. Sometimes they love to spend solo time to connect with their deepest selves and spend time most of time with them.

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Love Problem

  • Sagittarius will date only equally travelling person
  • They have commitment issues and trust
  • This sign is often misunderstood by others
  • They are very much restless, due to they can’t concentrate
  • If did not get space, move one quickly

Marriage Problem

  • They are getting bored and giving up
  • Fear of Commitment to do something
  • They think they know everything about all topics
  • Always judge their partners for everything
  • Making too many promises for little things

Health Problem

  • They need to control their excessive energy
  • They need to take rest more than working
  • Sagittarius needs to take care of their immune system
  • They can suffer from blood pressure problems
  • The moon is Sagittarius creates health issues like obesity

Business Problem

  • They have high irresponsible financial behaviour
  • This sign is superficial and prone to overspending
  • Their freedom often make them worry about money
  • Sagittarius takes often risks in business
  • Craving to overspend money often creates a problem

Compatibility Problem

  • Sagittarius get bored easily and simply move on
  • They commit phobia with time knowledge
  • They are no egomaniacs and accept other
  • In a relationship they need space and time
  • Their insights are under researched and shallow

Friendship Problem

  • They hold a grudge for a long time
  • A Sagittarius firmly believes in taking revenge
  • They think way too much several times
  • They are blunt and rude to partners
  • They wait for others to take permission from them

Career Problem

  • Sagittarius have a very ego problem
  • They are impatient and often show their temper
  • Sagittarius are irresponsible several times
  • This sign is sometimes very much calculative
  • Making rushed decisions without considering outcomes

Job Problem

  • Easily lead to frustration and boredom
  • A bored Sign is very susceptible to developing habits
  • Sometimes they have over-confidence on themselves
  • They easily lose control overtime without knowing
  • Get bored if get the same work for longer period

Sagittarius horoscope prediction

Love prediction

  • Deep imprinted trust and love between partners
  • Have good Sense of protectiveness in compare to others
  • Sagittarius have impeccable memories with others
  • Their fire can warm your soul, ignite passion
  • If a Sagittarius loves you, you’re the luckiest person alive

Marriage prediction

  • Sagittarian with space love to commit parmanent
  • They like to deepen their bond with mutual understanding
  • This sign is very much protectiveness about others
  • They fight well, but once finish means it is done
  • They are very honest in a relationship and real life

Job prediction

  • They love adventure to explore new ideas for job
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Enthusiastic, confident and outgoing in nature
  • Want to learn as much as possible from any source
  • Strong sense of distinguish right or wrong things

Personalized prediction

  • They can figure out others’ true intentions at first place
  • Must visit old friends to spend some time to remind memories
  • Must travel once in a month to get inner peace
  • Don’t overspend every time, do saving for future
  • Maintain a practical approach towards relationships

Health prediction

  • Don’t let your emotions rule over you to do things
  • Do everything naturally to be physically fit all the time
  • Explore new places to keep your inner self happy
  • Try something new along with old works for improvement
  • Bring new energy within you to stay fit always

Life prediction

  • Remedial solutions for a healthy lifestyle for living
  • Working on wealthy life structure to stay fit
  • Solutions to meet better financial conditions
  • Good job and career perspectives for success
  • Have a progressive, prosperous and peaceful life

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