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Dasha Problem Solution


Dasha is all about the period of nine planets' effect on one person's nature and personality. Who believes in astrology, may fear Dashas and going to find ways for Dasha problems like Shani Dasha or Rahu Dasha. All planets as per their period give us results from time to time that we named Dasha. Dasha can be positive and sometimes negative depending upon their good or bad placement in the horoscope.

If you are thinking of how to overcome Dasha in your Kundali then MyAstron is here for you. Our experts are offering both offline and online Dasha problem solutions based on your birth chart. The astrology expert guidance will boost positivity in your present life situations.

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Dasha means the period of planets in astrology, which influences your horoscope. The planet period causes both positive and negative effects generated by sthiti, house, conjunction, or aspects as per planetary positions. The Dasha problems describe when these periods will express themselves and up to what degree. But it is true that all the planetary positions influence everybody's cosmic chart and determines the quality, effect, and outcomes of each period. In other words, we can say Dasha is one's saved karmas or the storage point of all the Karmas that are collected from your total birth journeys.

Types of Dasha in Kundali

Dasha determines one's life direction as per different planetary positions. According to time all the three Dashas decide our action results and leave their mark on our personality. To find out Dasha problems first we need to see how many types of Dashas are there. There are many kinds of Dasha systems, as per Maharshi Parashara there are forty-two of them, but the prominent are "Vimshottari" and "Ashtottari". Here are describing major Dashas.

Vimshottari Dasha

It is a well-known Dasha system in astrology based on moon moves on the progression of Nakshatras at birth time. Total 9 Nakshatras form the complete 120 years of the Dasha system. Based on moon and Nakshatra movements Vimshottari Dasha has taken higher priority over planets' placements. You can find dasha problem solution by astrology at MyAstron. Get in touch with us to get detail reports and solutions for Vimshottari Dasha.

Yogini Dasha System

This is one among Dasha problems, has a connection with Kalyug. It is used for timing events based on eight Yoginis and starting from moon to Nakshatra. It is the best Dasha system for timing events based on Nakshatras unconditionally. To eradicate your Yogini Dasha visit our website that is providing Dasha problem solution service.

Ashtottari Dasha

This Dasha is based on Nakshatras but it is a purely conditional one. It is applicable on conditions only in some charts. In this Dasha system only eight Grahas play the role of Dasha Lords, Ketu is not included in the list. Some use this Dasha as an ayur Dasha and see longevity in it whereas some use it as Phalita Dosha. This dasha problem can be solved by dasha problem solution specialist at MyAstron. So get in touch with us to find best solutions for your dasha.

Narayana Dasha

It is a prominent rasi Dasha because it is a Phalita Dasha the describes all general results based on marital success. To rectify this you can find Dasha problem solution by Astrology at MyAstron.

Chara Dasha

This Dasha system is made by Jamini based on seven chara karkas. Chara Dasha system works based on seven planets and they are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn along with their proceeding Degrees. To please all these seven planets make your appointment with dasha problem solution babaji at MyAstron. Our astrology expert will suggest you best solution after deep research and calculations on our birth chart.

Sudasha Dasha

It is a rasi Dasha in astrology. It is important for materialistic things such as money, power, and authority. You can see it on the predictions of financial matters and matters regarding status and power. To make your dasha as sudasha means good dasha meet your online dasha problem solutions and get detail report your dasha problems and how to overcome dasha in your kundli.

Drig Dasha

This Rashi Dasha works on vision. It defines how spiritual vision develops in a native move one's life. To develop your spiritual side meets MyAstron’s dasha problem solution by astrologer and get accurate solutions as per your birth chant.

Niryaana Shoola Dasha

This Dasha system is used for the timing of death, pain, and suffering, which is facing during the last part of life. It is not easy to overcome this. You need Dasha problem solution specialist to rectify your Dasha.


One person’s life is divided into Mahadashas of nine planets and each Mahadasha is again divided into Antardashas. Mahadasha is a great period in one's life. When Mahadasha arrives, it will follow a particular sequence of planets according to their Mahadashas.

Different Mahadasha influences differently on every aspects of one's life that have been ruled by that planet. The effect of a particular planet depends on the governed planet's position in the horoscope. The astrology expert can define after reading a personal horoscope whether the effects have a positive or negative influence. The main planets where you can face Mahadasha are:

  • Ketu- 7years
  • Venus- 20 years
  • Sun- 6 years
  • Moon- 10 years
  • Mars- 7 years
  • Rahu- 18 years
  • Jupiter- 16 years
  • Saturn- 19 years
  • Mercury- 17 years

Surya Mahadasha

Planet Surya or Sun governs for a higher position in career, achievements, and mostly in the areas of government and politics. It is the planet of fame, authority, and career advancement. Surya Mahadasha relates to one's father, which is highly auspicious in giving results. But if it is a badly placed planet then it will work in adverse ways on all those above-mentioned fields. Health-wise it will affect your heart and eyesight. To lessen the ill effects take help of dasha problem solution by astrology and take follow all the remedial tips offers by our online astrology services.

Chandra Mahadasha

The planet Moon governs one's emotion, thinking power, general well-being, and feminine presence in the chart. All these areas come to the limelight in this Dasha period of 10 years. If placed well then give positive results on health, mental peace, and public recognition. The feminine presence will leads prominently to emotions, sensitivity, romance, and marriage. If Moon is not in a good place then the related fields give you a setback. Problems like insomnia, lethargy, cough, cold, spleen and gastric disorders fall into place in your chart. Consult with experts at MyAstron for Dasha problem solution service to cure your problems. Follow the experts’ suggestions to improve from this Mahadasha’s bad effects.

Mangal Mahadasha

In a well-placed Mangal planet, the person becomes courageous, ambitious, and independent. Mangal or Kaju Mahadasha drives you for sexual urges and excitement. Mars symbolizes a masculine planet; the male’s relationship like sons and brothers will be enhanced. But if Mangal or Chevvai Mahadasha is placed badly then it leads to occasional rash behavior, accidents, and injuries. Bone marrow and muscles get affected the most. If you are looking for how to overcome dasha in your Kundali then come to dasha problem solution babji to achieve best results.

Rahu Mahadasha

This Mahadasha period can bring the best or worst situations in one's fortune. The badly placed planet leads to misery, conflicts, downfall, difficulties, and even death for a person. As the planet is symbolic to the demon the bad dasha can incline to demonic habits like becoming abusive, alcoholic, druggist, non-vegetarianism. The ill-effects include leprosy, nervous disorders, ulcers, cancer. The well-placed planet makes a person to achieve the highest honors, achievements from every field, and success. To avoid the bad effects take astrology help from the experts and improve your chart.

Guru Mahadasha

Jupiter or Guru is the planet that governs luck, fortune, and higher wisdom. When the planet favors it makes your life easy with the acquisition of properties, honors wealth, career advancement, and having children. You can say your period is very much smooth and rewarding. A great deal of higher learning and spiritual inclination can also take place during this period. And the ill effects it will give misfortune on above areas. Ill health leads to disorders in blood circulation, liver, asthma, and diabetes. To avoid all misfortunes consult with dasha problem solution specialist and get proper remedies and rituals to lead a peaceful and successful life.

Sani Mahadasha

The planet Saturn emphasizes on strict discipline and hard work by bringing delays, difficulties, and added responsibilities on a person’s chart. Saturn lets you build your foundation strong; efficient so that in coming years you will reap good rewards. The well placed Saturn brings honor, authority, and prosperity after one's hard labor. But the afflicted period brings major difficulties, sorrows, and frustrations. The ill-health leads to Bone diseases, fractures, skin problems, rheumatism, etc. You definitely need to overcome this Mahadasha’s bad effect. Practice all rituals and remedial suggested by the astrology expert at MyAstron.

Budha Mahadasha

Mercury rules on one's intellectual endeavors. The planet rules the field of learning, writing, speech, and communication. A well-placed planet boosts in the areas of writing, media, or telecommunication. The afflicted planet brings mental disorders, instabilities, indecisiveness, and loss of business. To take right decision, stable in your services and gain in business take help of online dasha problem solutions.

Ketu Mahadasha

This planet works in the house of spiritual enlightenment and lets one detached from the materialist world. In the materialistically inclined horoscope, Ketu brings sorrow, losses, and miseries. In the spiritually inclined horoscope, it will give a great deal on spirituality and asterism. If placed in a proper house it brings imparting mystical and psychic experiences. But the outcome varies from person to person as per their chart, so get your deep study on Mahadasha report to get best Dasha problem solutions.

Sukra Mahadasha

Venus with 20 years leads to beauty, luxury, entertainment, romance, and heart affairs. Venus with proper place brings good results in the field of arts and entertainment, brings happiness. If badly placed then bring bad results to the above-mentioned fields. Money loss, kidney problems, affected reproductive system let you suffer for a longer time.

As per different Dashas, Mahadashas and Anterdashas, you will face problems in your life. And it is not easy to understand yourself all alone. You need the help of Astrology expert in this. Dasha problem solution service is available at MyAstron. Our Dasha problem solution service provides astrological solutions and different suggestions that you can apply to your day-to-day activities and get rid of all your problems.

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