job problem

job problems

In order to live a decent life, everybody needs a job. But at some point of time,everyone is facing career problems. There are various reasons,people are facing job problems that hamper personal growth.
  • Do you find a job?
  • Did you find a choicable job, Govt/MNC/Abroad?
  • Are you getting financial hikes or promotions?
  • Does the present job have satisfaction and stability?
  • Do you know astrology has solutions for your job problems?

reason of having job problem in life

wage myastron

Lack of Employability

Successful professionals are expected to seamlessly move from one job to the next without gaps in their employment history. Unemployed workers who are location-bound may struggle longer to find a job in their area.

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Stale job responsibilities

Lack of self motivation displays the poor performance of a person. An employee may become bored or disinterested in their work if they have been doing the same job for a while. Giving challenging jobs can make their work interesting.

low-price myastron

Scarce Rewards

Rewards motivates most employees. If every time hike is not possible then rewards can work for employees. But if a company is not ready to provide rewards then employees never think about giving extra efforts and even increase many other issues.

analysis myastron

Inadequate Training

Sometimes employees just do not have the right training or skills to do their job effectively. The knowledge gap prevents them from performing well. Some employees may feel ashamed or scared and leave the job.

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Not Enough Resources

Resources don’t just include supplies, equipment, and technology, but also time, people, and money. Lack of resources and increasing demands can drain the energy and motivation out of your employees, leading to mistakes,and missed deadlines.

personal problems myastron

Personal Problems

Many workplaces have the philosophy that employees should leave their personal problems at the door, but the fact is, employees can't do that. They seep into the workplace and without any support it hampers their performance.

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Missing the basics

The basics include making sure that employees are treated respectfully, managed well, appreciated, compensated fairly, and communication. If any of these are lacking, the workplace culture can become a minefield.

dissatisfaction myastron

Job Dissatisfaction

If employees are underpaid, have limited career growth, suffer with poor management, get unsupportive bosses and don't get meaningful work then they become unsatisfied with the work and will not show any enthusiasm for the work.

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problem with house astrology

Issues with Houses

  • Second house indicates source of income
  • Sixth house indicates service professionals
  • Tenth house describes the obstacles of career
  • Seventh house is the house of business and partnership
  • Twelfth house shows career related to foreign countries
job problems

Timing of getting job

  • Dasha of planet which is connected with 10th house
  • Dasha of Planets placed in tenth house
  • Transit of planet which is connected with 10th house and 10th
  • Transit of Saturn and Jupiter
  • When the lord of 10th house placed in Kendra or trikona
vastu positions myastron

vastu position

  • Yellow color in north direction of the house
  • Entrance or main door in south-west
  • Toilet in west direction
  • Store in east direction
  • Septic tank in north-west
kundali reading

Kundli reading for job/career

  • Future career by date of birth
  • Know your skills and aptitudes
  • Favorable career options
  • Your scope and opportunities
  • Yogas relating to career

key points to understand for job life

No career direction

Unfortunately, you can't seem to find something that satisfies you. You've learned what you don't want in a job, but you have no idea (or confidence in) how to choose what you should do next.

Confusions to Choose Right Field

You have interest in some field, parents have different fields of choice. You don't know if your choice has money or not. In such a case you are in a dilemma to choose. Or even don't know whether to go for government jobs or MNC jobs or try for abroad jobs.

Not getting suitable job

After applying in several portals I did not get those jobs which you are looking for. Your job portal is filled with different lists of jobs but not your choicable ones. After searching with the right keywords I still don't get it.

No Promotions

If promotional dasha and transit both are unfavorable than in spite of efforts, promotion does not happen. It does not mean, it cannot be changed. Through astrological solutions it can be changed.

Instability and changes in job

The movable signs and operation of negative planetary periods causes such problems. You will not be able to stick to one place. Don't find the right environment or something bothers you. Make you feel uncomfortable at the workplace every time.

Disciplinary/legal problems

The influence and/ or operation of the sixth lord's main or sub-period generates such problems. So you find some issues during the process of your selections. Sometimes paper issues, delays, any legal paper problem arrives before joinings.

Delays and obstructions in job

The influence and/ or operation of eighth house lord main or sub-period causes obstruction and delays in professional matters. The influence and/or operation of the twelfth house also caused this change.

Desire to change direction

You've been in a career for a while, and you think it's time to change professions. You want to break into a new industry, or use a different skill set, but can't figure out how. And you aren't in a position to start completely over.

solve your job problem with astrology

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Find easy and effective Job Problem solutions with MyAstron job/career problem solution astrologers by using right career astrology.

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frequently asked questions

If you are not following that right path that is shown in your birth chart. Then, in whatever field you go. Soo, you will keep getting into those things that are meant for you only.
Yes,In order to know about the job change, we need to study the 6th cuspal sub lord, the 10th cuspal sub lord and the mahadasha lord of that period.
Astrology is a protector for people struggling with such situations. Based on a person’s horoscope, astrologers determine planetary bodies and the houses they suit with a long-term career.
Your Kundli will describe your career field. As per your nature, behaviour as per your house and planet we can describe which job is suitable for you.
It happens due to some dosha, or ill-effects of planets. You have nothing wrong done. So don’t blame yourself. With astrological remedies solutions are possible.

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