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Different kinds of Astrology and its’ Predictions

Different kinds of Astrology and its' PredictionsDifferent kinds of Astrology and its' Predictions

Astrology is the study of the movements of nine planets, 12 zodiac signs, Moon, and Sun with 27 constellations. Astrology and its’ Predictions help to draw a connection between the universe around us and how it is going to affect human affairs.

How does Astrology and its’ Predictions work?

A study of the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets’ position in a horoscope helps the astrologer to find out the traits and flaws of a person.  How fortunate or unfortunate you are astrology and its’ predictions tell through:

  • The powers of planet degrees
  • Positions in a good or bad house
  • Planet’s position in an alias house or enemy’s house

The astrologer needs nakshatra, zodiac sign, degree, planet powers, house types, stars situation, transit positions, and yoga for analysis. First of all the time, date, and place of birth are the important information, every astrologer looks for.

How does Horoscope Prediction work?

Does astrology prediction work? It is a common question asks by nonbelievers. The next question comes ‘how astrology works?’ Astrology is the alignment of planets and stars that affects every individual’s character through their mood, personality, and environment. The personalized horoscopes based on birth date, time, and place make predictions on personal lives, personalities. The in-depth report helps to know about all the Doshs, and to prepare remedies; all according to the position of astronomical bodies. All humans are under this influence of energies and their mind is configured to behave ultimately in that way. 

Astrology falls into categories like Western astrology, Vedic astrology, Chinese astrology, Hellenistic, Classical, Mayan, Korean, Aztec any many more. Mostly all astrologers apply this astrology in different branches like:

Humanistic Astrology: It is the astrology of the west. In Humanistic astrology, people get information about their awareness, pattern of works, karmic issues, weaknesses, strong points, and future predictions.

Karmic or Esoteric Astrology: This astrology focuses more on the spiritual side of a person. It works for spiritual interpretation and gives soul insight reports of a person.

Relationship Astrology: This astrology describes the energy levels between two people who are in a relationship. The relationship can be of lovers, parent-child, boss-employee, couples, family patterns, etc.

Vocational Astrology: This kind of astrology deals with clientele relationships. Helps the client to understand their career potentiality.

Horary/Special Branch Astrology: In the section, people come to know about their lost items. This astrology deals with specific questions related to lost and found items.

Electional Astrology: In this astrology, astrologers research on most propitious time to begin an event. If someone wants to open a business or buying a new car, bike, house, or getting married.

Rectification Astrology: This astrology helps to rectify birth chart-related problems. 

Mundane Astrology: It is a branch involved with predictions related to political events, wars, countries, and global changes.

Astro Meteorology: In these astrology section astrologers do study and research on weather predictions with geological patterns.

Financial Astrology: You can even say it is Astro Economics. It is a very much popular branch nowadays. Most stockbrokers go for financial astrology. Today even you will find Astro financial apps, which come under the list of popular trends in the market.

Gambling and Sports Astrology: It is a common branch for sports lovers. Software is available for followers to get the predictions of team winning chances.

Astro Mapping:  This is a technique that alerts to find the headlines for the world over the news.  Here individuals come to know where in the world one should move to use his positive energies to enjoy a successful and peaceful life.

Medical Astrology: This is a popular astrology service for humans and pets. Through this astrology app, you will come to know about your diet chart/program, herbs, and remedies.

Planting by Astrology: This astrology focuses on farming predictions.

Mythical Astrology: It recognizes the world over myths in the charts.

Psychological Astrology: As per its name, it focuses on the psychological aspects of character in the horoscope.

Astro Drama: This astrology offers a chance to work on issues that show up in the chart and life.

Magical Talisman Astrology: Ritual magic, and to create talismans, astrologers use this astrology.

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