what is astrology?

Astrology is a part of science which claims divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by analyzing the relative positions of celestial objects. In astrology the position of sun, moon and planets at the time of a person’s birth shapes his personality, relationships and predicts the fortunes of personal and professional life. You can also read more about astrology.

  • Natal astrology: Analyzes personality traits via birth chart’s celestial body positions.
  • Horoscope readings: Predicts events based on current celestial body positions.
  • Compatibility analysis: Assesses relationship compatibility using birth charts.
  • Electional astrology: Chooses auspicious times for events like marriages.
  • Predictive astrology: Forecasts future trends using celestial body movements.
  • Medical astrology: Links ailments to planetary positions for health insights.
  • Mundane astrology: Studies celestial influence on world events.
  • Psychological astrology: Explores astrological symbols for personal growth.
  • Horary astrology: Provides answers to specific questions by interpreting celestial positions at the time of inquiry.

How Astrology And Puja Help In Life

  • Astrology suggests that celestial bodies influence earthly events and human lives. Puja, on the other hand, is a practice aimed at connecting with divine energies. By performing puja rituals during specific astrologically significant times, individuals believe they can align themselves with favorable cosmic energies and mitigate negative influences.
  • Astrology provides insights into auspicious and inauspicious periods for various activities. During favorable times indicated by astrology, individuals may perform pujas to seek guidance, blessings, and divine intervention for specific endeavors such as starting a new venture, embarking on a journey, or seeking resolution to challenges.
  • Puja is a devotional practice that fosters a deeper connection with the divine. By engaging in rituals such as offering prayers, chanting mantras, and making offerings, individuals cultivate a sense of reverence, gratitude, and spiritual connection. Astrology can inform the timing and focus of these rituals, amplifying their effectiveness in strengthening spiritual bonds.
  • Astrology often highlights periods of planetary alignments that may be challenging or conducive to spiritual growth. During challenging times, individuals may perform puja rituals aimed at purification, dispelling negative energies, and seeking divine protection. Puja rituals involving sacred chants, offerings, and meditation can help cleanse the mind, body, and spirit, creating a harmonious environment for personal growth.

Birth Chart

types of astrology

Indian astrology

Indian Astrology


The ancient and very well tried method in India for prediction.
Chinese astrology

Chinese Astrology


This system which plays a crucial role in revealing the actual characteristic of an individual.
Burmese astrology

Burmese Astrology


This is an old traditional system for analyzing a person’s Zodiac sign through sidereal years.
Electional astrology

Electional Astrology


This traditional method is mostly used for choosing the most appropriate time for an event through astrology.
Horoscopic astrology

Horoscopic Astrology


This methods to present a visual representation of the heaven bodies for a specific moment through Horoscope.
Tibetian astrology

Tibetan Astrology


The merger of Indian and Chinese people uncovers the spiritual activity of a person’s life.
Western astrology

Western Astrology


The larger horoscope system form of divination based on the construction of horoscope for an exact moment.
Horary astrology

Horary Astrology


This is the ancient part in which an astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing a horoscope.

branches of astrology

Predictive Astrology-myastron


This system in which we use a range of different ways of looking at the future. What is going to happen in the future?

phonetical astrology-myastron


The significant part of electional astrology which completely define the Vedic system.
Muhurta Astrology


This the section in which helps you finds auspicious date and time for your beautiful exceptional event of life.

Numerology Astrology-myastron


Numerology is believed to be the magical connection between a number and one or more concurring occasions of life.
Naadi Astrology-myastron


The ancient form of astrology in southern India, based on the belief of foreseen the present, past and future by Hindu sages.
Tarot Card Reader-myastron

Tarot Card Reading

The way of fortune telling where practitioners use tarot cards purportedly to gain insight into the past, present or future.
Horoscope Prediction-myastron

Horoscope Prediction

The action of predicting something by zodiac sign of a person for their better life.
Palm Reading-myastron

Palm Reading

The way of forecasting the fortune by analyzing the lines of palm in a person’s hand.
Lost Astrology-myastron

Lost Astrology

The way to find something by the help of vedic astro through expert astrologers.

Female Horoscope

Female Horoscope

It is a way of prediction by analyzing the yoga and houses only applicable for females.

how does astrology work in our life?

how astrology affect in our lifes

astrology can solve your problems

love problem

Love Problem

  • Relationship get affected by wrong behavior
  • Partner is unable to know the expectation of yours
  • Lack of Timing to Spend Together
  • Financial issues dominate your relationship
  • any type of lying or cheating in relationship
Marriage Problem

Marriage Problem

  • Incompatibility of Zodiac Sign with Your Partner
  • Delay marriage due to Dasha or Mahadasha
  • Mars Dasha in kundali to destroy marriage life
  • Lack of understanding with your partner
  • Bad planetary effects due to kundli mismatch
Health problem-myastron

Health Problem

  • Health issues due to planetary movements
  • Moon afflicted issues like face frequent irritations
  • Mars weak problems like loss of blood, acidity
  • Weak Rahu problems like incurable diseases
  • Weak sun issues energy loss feeling weakness
Business Problem-myastron

Business Problem

  • Business issues due to bad planetary effects
  • Business loss by Joined incompatible partners
  • Wrong timing for investment your business
  • Vastu issues which decrease business growth
  • Contradiction policies with your horoscope
Finance Problem-myastron

Finance Problem

  • High Pitra Dosha in your horoscope.
  • Planetary weakness in your income place.
  • Evil eye effects in work growth.
  • Black magic which creates financial problems.
  • Continue Disease issues which decrease your income efficiency.
Child Problem

Child problem

  • If your children do not live after taking birth.
  • Child disturbed with nightmares.
  • If your child gets affected by evil eye frequently.
  • partner not agree with you for child.
  • If your child remains ill most of the time.
Vastu Problem

Vastu Problem

  • Continuing health related issues for Vastu.
  • Decrease income due to unfortunate situations.
  • Different Direction Effects on life.
  • Bad effects of direction according to Vastu.
  • Suggestions to make new houses according to Vastu.
Kundali Problem

Kundli Problem

  • Kundali mismatch during arrange a marriage.
  • Uncover dasha and Mahadasha in kundali.
  • Solutions of Kaal sarp dosh from your kundali.
  • Bad planetary effects present your kundali.
  • Solutions of Manglik Dasha in kundali.

get all astrological prediction reports

Marriage Prediction

When is the auspicious time to get married with your perfect match?

Life Prediction

The forecasting of your upcoming life events through analyzing kundali.


Children Prediction

The analyzing report of various planets after your marriage for your newborn.

Career Prediction

The forecasting of upcoming career report as per planetary movements.

Job Prediction

Forecasting of horoscope regarding your job by analyzing your birth chart.

Love Prediction

The forecasting report of love life of a person through analyzing the birth chart.

Personal Prediction

The predictive report of a person which describes the personal life information


Future Prediction

The forecasting of upcoming events in future by analysis of your horoscope.

Horoscope Prediction

Predictive description as per your zodiac sign present in your horoscope.

Health Prediction

The predictive report about a person’s health through health astro.

Consult Your Personal Astrologer

A personalized astrologer takes into account your unique birth chart, planetary alignments, and life circumstances to offer guidance tailored specifically to you. This isn’t a generic horoscope; it’s a detailed analysis of your life and potential paths.

An astrologer can help you gain clarity about yourself, your relationships, career choices, and life purpose. By understanding the astrological influences at play in your life, you can make more informed decisions and navigate challenges with greater insight.

frequently asked questions

It is the besically prepared for seeing upcoming future events so its possible astrology can describe the future like marriage, career, job.

This can foresee the upcoming life events by calculating the planetary combinations and describe you the best remedies to neutralize the evil effects of these issues which you can face in future so in this way we can say astrology can change the destiny of a person.

Yes, it helps a persons to find out the most compatible ways of the life so if a person takes a decissions according to astrology then certainly astrology can change the life.

This helps to find out most compatible ways of the life but it depends up on the astrologers efforts and calculations so describe the right accurates astrology chart there is need of corrects birth date, Birth place, Right time informatns.

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