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Stitch your broken marriage life by authentic astrological Amulet

Stitch your broken marriage life by authentic astrological AmuletStitch your broken marriage life by authentic astrological Amulet

In India marriage is the most sacred ritual. Marriage here is believing to not only be the connection of two souls but the connection of two families. Previously there was no room for separation in Vedic astrology. But gradually marriage break-ups are becoming considering facts in Indian society. But even today in Vedic astrology we go for marriage problem solutions. Look for an authentic astrological amulet to save a broken marriage. But choosing to break or a divorce is an option.

How Can Astrological Amulet be a Marriage Problem Solution Provider?

Where there is love, conflicts also arise there. But if the conflict takes over the love then it creates a problem. And in a later stage, the conflicts lead to differences and differences lead to marriage problems and break-ups. In such situations, the couples should try to solve this within themselves. When it is not possible they should take astrological help for marriage problem solutions.

The reasons that lead to marriage break-ups:

  • Unmatch Kundalis
  • Presence of malefic effects in marriage houses
  • Dasha mismatch between partners
  • A disturbance between Moon sign lords can cause relationship gaps
  • Nadi dosha in the Ashtakoot Milan

Marriage Problem Solution as per Vedic Astrology:

  1. Take expert astrology help, wear an astrological amulet given by Babaji’s.
  2. Perform the puja remedy on Fridays of Shukla Paksha. Clean your puja area with Ganga water.  Sit on a red-coloured blanket by facing the north side.
  3. Worship Goddess Parvati and chant “Dhan Dhrin, Dhun Dhurjate Patni Wan, Wrin, Wrun, Wagdhiswari- Kran Krin Krun Kalika Devi Shan Shrin Shoon Me Subh Kuru”. In every chant offer green lentils to Goddess.
  4. After the puja, fold your red carpet four times and put it in a box. Offer 108 lentils in a bowl. Light Diya in front of Goddess on the right side.
  5. Do this puja for 21 or 31 days with purity.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Marriage problem solutions:

  • The female partner should wash the house floor with salt water once a week.
  • The female partner should wear golden or yellow bangles for harmony.
  • Offer sweets and fruits to God, the after puja offer them to elder family members.
  • Don’t cut nails on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • In a yellow cloth bind together sever raw turmeric pieces, three copper coins, jaggery and saffron. Throw them towards in-laws home to maintain harmony.

Other remedies also suggested by prominent astrologers at Myastron

  • If a problem occurs due to Saturn, then offer water to Lord Sun.
  • When Jupiter is the reason for your marriage break up then donate yellow colour food items like turmeric, sweets, and cloths. Do fasting on Tuesdays.
  • Due to Mars problem, donate jaggery on Tuesdays.
  • For the Mercury problem, donate green foods, vegetables.
  • If your problem created because of Moon then wear a silver amulet or other silver articles.
  • When Venus is the reason, donate rice to the poor. Wear perfume and a diamond ring. Keep flowers with you.
  • Due to the Sun problem, donate wheat and jaggery to poors. Wear Ruby ring.

All efforts work only when partners are eagerly working towards their relationship. Because it is soul to soul connection, it should not break easily. Both partners should try their best along with astrology help for marriage problem solutions.

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