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How to check black magic’s presence in your life

How to check black magic's presence in your lifeHow to check black magic's presence in your life

Whenever we are talking about black magic, we think of it as a negative source. People use black magic to create obstacles, harming others through black powers. Mostly black magic is beyond human understandings. Their usage of spirits of the paranormal world is activated. It must come to your mind how to check black magic‘s presence in your life? It is not in your hand, only an expert or a high-level astrologer can recognize it. So it is wise to take an astrologer’s help to know whether black magic is affecting you or not.

Here are tips on how to check black magic’s presence on you:

Black magic produces negative energies in your body. it is a belief that here your enemy works psychologically on you. The black magician recognizes your inner mind and tries to affect it. Under black magic, the activities are Muttakarni learning, captivating, erection, Maran, ghost attack, etc. The black magician invites a soul for a specific duration and offers it sweet, alcohol and flesh, and give task for which black magic has to be done. To do black magic on a person, the things required are maybe a piece of cloth he/she wears, hair, teeth, or anything that is being in touch with the victim.

Now check whether you are a black magic victim or not:

  1. Your body feels pain for a longer time without any kind of disease then you are affected.
  2. If you are getting jealous for various reasons and because of it your body is meditating, then it is a symptom of black magic.
  3. Your heart is beating fast or unnaturally. You are facing trouble breathing. You are having chest pain then you are affected
  4. If your face is turning yellow day by day then a powerful magic spell is affecting you.
  5. If without any reason you are feeling unhappy, you are not enjoying any kind of pleasure then it is the sign of a magical spell.
  6. Whatever you may eat you are always hungry. All your food digests soon. Eating something is always in your mind, and then it is the symptom of black magic.
  7. Constant anxiety level, suicidal tendencies, desire to be alone, leave family all these thinking leads to a magic spell. 
  8. Any of the family members getting ill every time.
  9. No physical deficiency, no medical reason but if you are facing sterility then you are prone to black magic.
  10. Sudden unnatural death, abortion, or death of children or any other family member is the reason for black spell.
  11. Conflicts between spouses and other family members.
  12. Black magic affected persons’ nail colors will change, it starts to fade and even turn black.
  13. If there is a magic spell on you, then your energy level will be dried soon. Your mind or brain won’t work positively.
  14. You are scared always because of different horrific nightmares 
  15. You will not feel hungry or thirsty, not able to sleep, eyes will be red, most time you will be sick.
  16. Extremely attracted towards flesh & alcohol. The addictions included are sex, drugs, etc
  17. Suddenly Tulsi plant in your house will dry up. Money plants and other small plants will start to rot.
  18. Sudden loss in business and job loss.
  19. Body parts move unnaturally like stretching fingers on a continuous process or the victim will bite the nails.
  20. A black spell victim will always be aloof, annoyed, and irritated.
  21. The victim will always have pain in the shoulders and head.
  22. The victim does not like to bathe and always any kind of smell or scent will come to him/her.
  23. Milk may start giving smell or may go bad very quickly.
  24. The victim will not visit temples or will not participate in any religious activities as he/she will feel uncomfortable.
  25. Getting away from pious things.

Astrological yoga of black magic

  • A special addition of planets can make a person fall into black magic. If in the horoscope,┬áspecial houses of Sun afflicted Rahu and Ketu, Moon, Saturn, Mars, then only negative Tantra-mantra can affect a┬áperson.
  • The weak ascendant of a person and sun can easily be affected by black magic. Black magic attack risk will develop on the day of the solar eclipse as the zodiac signs change.

All these symptoms are signs of affected black magic. It can be removed or cured by high-level astrologers or black magicians only. So rush to a good astrologer to get rid of it soon.

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