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Like Vedic astrology, Western astrology uses the birth chart to shed light on people’s identities and life. Western astrology names its natal chart. The exact information is needed for natal charts like a birth chart or Janam Kundli. It includes the time of birth, date of birth, month, and year of birth to prepare the natal chart.  Online Western astrology uses a birth chart calculator to give a detailed report of the native. Do you want to know how the Western astrology birth chart calculator process works? And what is its importance? Let’s read this blog to know more about it.

Check out how the western astrology birth chart calculator process works? : Know its importance

A Natal chart calculator helps to create your birth chart. It needs information like your name, date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth.  If you giving the closest time of birth then your birth chart will be more accurate. This process is called Birth Time Rectification(BTR), it helps astrologers to analyze life events.

The Natal chart calculator will determine your rising sign or ascendant at the time of your birth, which keeps the first house among the twelve astrology houses. Here the most important is to know the position of the Sun, Moon, and your Ascendant planet, where your star falls. The natal chart lets you know how the solar-lunar, ascendant planet’s energies are controlling your life and how they are affecting your life. The calculator includes a wide range of mathematical calculations. It includes complex procedures to give you accurate information about life events.

The calculator includes three important aspects and they are Sun sign that speaks for your soul, the Moon sign that defines your inner self and emotions, and your rising sign or ascendant that reflects your personality. The calculator will show how your chart relates to other people and the environment. The Ascendant planet is called the chart ruler.

Western astrological significance of birth chart calculator

The chart calculator helps to create a map of your life and find out different personality traits of your life. It works with the entire universal energies at the time of your birth. The twelve zodiac signs are divided across the natal chart and distributed into twelve segments of 30 degrees each to represents a specific area of your life.

The placements help you to understand many aspects of your life and give you deep details of your personality, relationships, career, behavioural tendencies, character traits, etc. It will also show the right direction of your life.

The astrologers study the position and aspects of the planets in the natal chart and the sign and the house. The Sun, Moon by zodiac sign in their horoscope. One more important aspect is the sign of the Ascendant and the planet that rules the sign called chart ruler. The calculator will first read the sign that falls in the ascendant and the subsequent houses. Astrologers will study the planet placements in different houses, their combinations, and conjunctions. It will help them to predict life events, inform them about the obstacles of life.

Our astrologers will use different methods like almost 30, for calculating the astrological houses like the Placidus method or Koch house system depending upon your needs. At Myastron our astrologers are working on the house position of most planets and check which planet is working on which aspect of your life. If obstacles are more then we try our best with our remedies to solve your malefic effects. Some planets’ effects can’t be removed in such a case we work on reducing the effects as soon as possible. So that the harm will be less to your events. House cups are interpreted when you discuss with our astrologers about your life report.

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