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Can You Get Rid Of A Dosha If You Follow The Astrological Remedies Properly?

Can You Get Rid Of A Dosha If You Follow The Astrological Remedies ProperlyCan You Get Rid Of A Dosha If You Follow The Astrological Remedies Properly

Vedic Astrology is the explications of planets and stars in your birth chart that show the karmas that you are to live out in this lifetime. These karmas are based on the experiences you have lived in your past that you are reaping now. Astrology is the medium to find ways to reach the purpose of the soul, which is moksha or liberation. It is not easy to achieve moksha in this lifetime by everybody, what we can do is to always strive towards transformation, change our ‘bad planetary effects’ or ‘bad attitudes/beliefs/behaviours’ too good ones. But here the question is, can you get rid of dosha? If you follow astrological remedies property then can you nullify them? Our answer is yes. Following is more information that gives you details.

Is it possible to get rid of a Dosha if you follow the astrological remedies properly?

You can find astrology within the Vedas, Astrology takes different factions and combines the knowledge to analyze your horoscope and bring out the solutions through chanting mantras, meditation, yoga shlokas, Ayurveda, yoga, dharma, philosophy – all of this is intertwined into the knowledge that a good Vedic Astrologer can provide to you to get rid of doshas in your Kundli.

At MyAstron our services are working towards giving benefits to humanity into living a healthier, cleaner, more spiritual life. So if you believe in Astrology, and it works for you then why won’t the remedies? They go hand in hand. So keep faith in astrology and its remedies to solve your life problems.

There are different remedies as per different doshas. Our astrologers have prepared them based on your Kundli and malefic planets effect on you. The dangerous doshas are like

  • Kalsharp Dosh
  • Pitru Dosh
  • Nadi Dosh
  • Gandamool Dosh
  • Shani Dosh
  • Shrapit Dosh
  • Chandra Dosh
  • Kemadruma Dosh

All these doshs show different symptoms in your life. And all are caused due to some planet’s bad position in a different house. So our astrologers will provide you mantras, puja solutions, yantras to please the malefic planets and nullify or lessen the power of all these dots. Along with the pujas, our astrologers will advise you to do some activities on daily basis to stay at peace of mind. Like doing puja every day. Donating something to charity. Feeding animals or poor. chanting different mantras etc. These are going to help you to get rid of or reducing the Graha dosh. The remedial measures in astrology can help to get rid of planetary afflictions. Mostly doshs are the result of your past karma, so try to clean your karma this time with good activities to get rid of all doshs.

There are astrological remedies at MyAstron, those are very simple and can change you at your core, and even chanting can make that difference. It can make you more focused, disciplined. Through meditation, one can become humble by revering a figurehead more mighty and divine. It gives native peace of mind and positive energies to hope for the best in the world. How is that not a remedy?

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