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Heal your broken heart by Astrological Remedies

Heal your broken heart by Astrological RemediesHeal your broken heart by Astrological Remedies

A broken heart is not a physical pain to show. Expect the body it hurts everywhere. It is emotional and psychological pain. It is a drastic situation that people want ways to come out of it. Do they often search for answers for how to Heal Your Broken Heart By Astrological Remedies? And how to move on from the situation? When you love someone, you have many good memories with your partner. It’s not easy to forget everything within a stroke. To find solutions you can take help from astrology. There are astrological remedies available to mend your heart your kill your pain.

How to heal your broken heart by astrological remedies?

Whenever one is in love, he/she always looks for ways how to make it stronger. When it is one-sided love they want to make it two-sided. Or want to their lost love back with vashikaran mantras and black magic. But when it is about healing your broken heart you need to work on different techniques in astrology. Astrological remedies are very much powerful that were used in ancient times to resolve any love problem issues. There are different kinds of astrological suggestions available for each zodiac sign.

Your healing process starts with your consciousness. It is like your internal wound that needs time to heal. Here are few things you should consider:

Take a break: heartbreak also degrades your energy level. So give yourself a break, slowdown in your actions. Take care of your basic needs. Engage yourself in interesting activities to avoid thinking about your love.

Deal with your problem: Your natal chart will show, which planet occurs problem for you. Like Saturn may transit over Venus. So take astrological remedial tips from expert astrologers to lessen your pain.

You can plan on your healing factors: Your healer is present within you. Your intuitive healer will suggest you write something, paint out something, cry or rage it out, be busy with your housework, go near friends. Go on a vacation, or be busy with your passion, etc. Let your inner Saturn heal you and make changes for a better you.

Give time to heal yourself: Be patient. Do yoga to get peace, do exercises to channelize your energies. Go out to dinner with friends. Do heartfelt talk with a most trusted person. Trust in the process, forgive yourself. Don’t demoralize yourself. Though it will take time you will heal slowly.

Go for natural therapy: Fresh juice, green vegetables, sprouts, cheese, and buttermilk are few options you can take before going to bed. It will relax you and help to heal you.

As per Vedic Astrology, each one of us has different dominant personalities. According to our birth chart, zodiac signs; birth Nakshatra, and so on. To understand it in a better way and help all those lost souls out there who need solace. We have discussed how every zodiac sign can manage with a broken heart. Then what can be done to mend a broken heart!


Be optimistic. Your heart is broken but not you are broken. Just keep in mind that, whatever happened that is done for your sake only.


Don’t underestimate your inner self-power. If you have not discovered yourself till now then it’s your time to boost your self-awareness.


You are having a heavy heart; we know but believe us and focus on yourself. Whatever happens, that happens for your improvement only. So take care of yourself first.


Pamper yourself. Give value to your emotional soul. It is not your fault. So forgive yourself and try to heal your wound.


We know that you are very loyal. And here your loyalty is creating difficulties for you. It makes it harder for you to deal with break-ups. But your soul is very pure; it will help you to get back to your original form.


As an earthly sign, you never go too far. But still, if you are not balanced emotionally then dedicate yourself. Look out to solve your problems and needs first. When you will work out for your soul you will recover soon and will be happy.


You love to be in peace. So do work on yourself. Retreat yourself to bring inner peace.


Try to control your emotions. Don’t keep in touch with those people who are becoming the reason for your pain. Let them go. Be yourself and take care of yourself.


Analyze yourself. Find out the reason behind your heart pain. Once you will know the real reason, you will get away to overcome it. It will help to heal your heart.


Use our skills to control your emotions. You are a fighter. So push up your inner self to fight for yourself. Once you come back with your fight spirit, you will heal soon.


Go for progressive tasks to divert your mind. Be busy in passionate works to keep away you from thinking about a broken heart. Driveaway your soul to a different zone from where you can recover soon.


Take your own time to heal your inner wound. Place yourself with interesting activities, so that you will keep away from heartache. Pamper yourself to heal your inner self.

It is not easy for every sign to mend their heart soon. Every sign will have the capacity, strength, and patience to deal with heartache. So give them enough time with astrological remedies to heal completely.

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