A Kundli is based on Vedic astrology illustrative chart to get insights into the personality and life of an individual as per 12 houses and other planetary bodies at the time of his/her birth. What you get from it:

  • Birth Chart which shows the 12 Rasi and the position of planetary bodies in each Rashi
  • Vimsottari Dasha and Paryantra Dasha timings
  • Antardashas, Mahadashas and its effect on native
  • Varga charts
  • Kundli Matching, compatibility based on Guna Milan

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benefits of kundli making

This can make your personal and professional life worth living. There is a myriad of benefits, which a birth report can provide to an individual:

  • Life predictions and remedies based on your date, place and time of birth
  • Find out different doshas forming in your birth chart and what are their remedies
  • Learn about your favourable and unfavourable period 
  • Know about the various impact of various planetary positions on you.
  • Get remedies and solutions to your vivid problems 

janam kundli

It is important for a newborn baby as per Vedic astrology. It will help to get detailed information about the baby’s overall growth and its future. Janam Kundli for a newborn baby includes:

  • Panchang of Birthday
  • Avakahada Chakra
  • Planetary degrees and their positions
  • Ruling Planet and its effects
  • Vimshottari Dasha, Yogini Dasha, and Nakshatra Reading

kundli matching

This is a comparison between two natal charts of the bride and groom in order to have an enchanted and successful marriage.What you will check-in Kundli matching:

  • Check overall compatibility level of bride and groom in Guna Milan
  • Check the compatibility through the Koota method
  • Discover whether the kundlis are manglik or not
  • Know about Shani Dasha within your birth chart
  • Check out the strength of the Navamsa chart of both bride and groom

kundli can solve your life problems

Family Problem

Sometimes family issues cannot be tackled easily by members. In such a situation they seek outside help and here MyAstron plays its role.

Health Problem

Secrets associated with good health or bad health are hidden in birth chart. MyAstron Experts’ analysis can provide your solutions.

Job Problem

Check your janamkundli to find out the suitable job sector, its growth,  opportunities,  job problems and solutions by our astrologer.

Career Problem

Check out the level of complication or prosperity in a career. And how astrology is offering various solutions to meet career problems.

Business Problem

Be your own boss and know the risks and benefits of business involved in your planetary positions. Find expert solutions to your business problems.

Marriage Problem

The birth chart analysis will help to find out planets’ effect on marriage. Get astrological solutions for stronger, healthier and blissful married life.

Love Problem

It is the biggest issue of the  generation and MyAstron experts will guide you with love problem solutions to make your life happy.

Finance Problem

Get your financial astrology report to explore what planets store for you in the financial sector and discover your social standing throughout your life.

get your future prediction

Get accurate predictions regarding various aspects of life and our experts will give you a quick future tour including both good and bad occurrences.

What we offer:

  • Predictions about your future
  • Efforts to make your life peaceful and happy
  • Workouts to eliminate personal and professional obstacles
  • Preventive measures for both physical and psychological illness
  • Save your time, energy, money and emotions against the wrong company
  • Maintenance of financial stability and growth

frequently asked questions

This is the blueprint of your life. It describes the movements of all cosmic energies at the time of the native’s birth.

According to the positioning of the planets in the birth chart, MyAstron astrologers will analyse and give details about your future predictions. So that you can prepare yourself for what is coming ahead.

Go to www.myastron.com. Give your birth details and fill in the minimum charges. Our astrologers after analysing send you back your future insights.

Yes, using numbers we can provide information about your characteristics, your favourable numbers, dates and remedies for your problems.

For all small reports, the process will take around 24 hours for delivery.

Yes, at MyAstron, we never share any personal information with anybody. We are not into the lead generation business. The information of our customers is kept confidential.

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