what is palmistry?

The ancient and well tried method which interpreting a person’s character or predicting their future by examining the palm of their hand.
  • Helps in find out the purpose in life.
  • Palm reading helps the mind light up.
  • It unlocks secrets and answer questions of old memories.
  • Helps people find their own creativity and inspiration.
  • People can make a right decision, and find out direction.

origin of palmistry

The origin of palmistry is uncertain from ancient Asia. It was probably from the original Indian home the traditional fortune telling, reading of character and divination of the future by interpretation of lines and shapes on the palm of the hand.

  • Ancient well try method of forecasting.
  • Uncover unfortunate situations related to personal life.
  • Favorable Planets and Predictions.
  • Provides information about weakness and strengths.
  • Guides to take proper decisions of life.
  • Give prediction about marriage.
origin of palmistry

palm reading of two hands

left hands

left hand palmistry
Important lines of palm in both hand like love, life, career, wisdom, and marriage line which describe different parts of life.
  • Every hands palm will defines different aspects of life.
  • Right hand is dominant represents now and the future.
  • For females, the right hand is important for palmistry.
  • Left hand provides about past traits.
  • For Males the left hand is used for palmistry.

right hands

right hand palmistry

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Palmistry describes the future very genuinely and also gives very clear and accurate results. In palmistry your moment of birth is very important to forecasting for our experts.

  • Give information about your fast and last name or gender.
  • Provide information about accurate date of birth place of birth.
  • Lines and mounts on hand that hold the key to his future.
  • So upload your right and left hand with accurate photo.
  • Career, Health, Financial, Family report.
  • Give information about your contact number and email id.

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different shapes of hands

earth myastron


The square palms with short fingers called earth hand fingers are short and the palm exhibits few lines.
Air myastron


Square or rectangular palms with long fingers length of the palm is  equal to the length of the fingers.

Water myastron


Palm with average long fingers combine with distinctly protruding knuckles is called as water hand.
Water myastron


A long palm and short fingers also rectangular palm and short fingers called as fire hand.

different lines of hands

Heart line

heart line

Topmost horizontally line which begins at edge on pinkie side, and runs to just underneath index or middle finger.

Life line

Life Line

The semi curve line which starts between the thumb and index finger and runs down toward the wrist is life line.

Head Line

Head Line

It starts just above life line, between thumb and index finger runs across palm toward other edge of palm horizontally.

Health Line

Health Line

It started from base of little finger and extends down across palm to base of thumb  and ends without joining with life line.

Marriage Line

Marriage Line

This line situated in below the base of the little finger just above the heart line for describing your marriage life.

Fate Line

Fate Line

A vertical line running up the palm towards the base of the middle finger known as the fate line.

Sun Line

Sun Line

This line seen on base of the palm, little finger side located below the ring finger known as sun line.

Career Line

Career Line

The line running up towards base of middle finger starting point can be anywhere from base of the palm.

prediction with palmistry

Love Prediction

Horoscope matching for love Astrological time of propose for your love one Prediction about how is your love life Is there delay in your marriage? Prediction about your marriage.

Marriage Prediction

Prediction about your life partner Kundali analysis for your marriage Will it be Love or Arranged Marriage? Will you enjoy a happy married life or not Remedies for a disturbed marriage life.

Health Prediction

Know the situation of your health line Information about your future health Foods which maintains you healthy Remedies of your health problems Know the planetary positions .

Business Prediction

Best Astrological Combinations for Business Prediction about the suitable time for more profit Business yoga in your palm line Remedies of your business problems.

Job Prediction

Role of Planets in Career Prediction about your future profession Job or business as per your palm lines Prediction about success in your career Remedies of your career problems.

Future Prediction

The future opportunities holder Your future Dreams & Desires Know about your future Breakdown of challenges Uncover the Reason for Financial Stability Perfect Dates & Days.

2022 Prediction

Prediction about our new year What is your good or bad time these years? Collect information about your new beginning Prediction about your career in this year Remedies of your problems.

Baby Prediction

Everything about Pregnancy, Pregnancy Issues, Obstacles Your planetary effects on your baby Chances of Healthy Pregnancy Guidance of your baby obstacles in current or future.

solve your problem with palmistry

marriage problems myastron

Marriage Problem

Absence of attachment and miss understanding create a marriage problem in between partners after marriage who are suffering from a lack of intimacy in their marriage should get an astrological solutions from expert astrologers.

love problem myastron

Love Problem

Love or relationship stands in attachment and understanding but absence of these things creates a love problem like different in thinking different in expectations from each other take an advantage of our expert love astrologers.

health problem myastron

Health Problem

Health is most important things in a person’s life to living a healthy and wealthy life but due to some unfortunate specific planets, houses in horoscope which indicate the health issues & diseases in your palm lines.

business problem myastron

business problem

If you are facing diverse issues, problems, risks and uncertainties, obstacles, and financial losses associated with businesses and services of various economic fields. 

Finance problem

Finance Problem

If your Life is uncertain if you lose your job or face losses in your business You may find yourself in Dire Straits when you have debts to repay and your income does not commensurate.

job problem myastron

Land Problem

Continuing of property and land disputes make so many disturbances in family relations and in many other cases of a person’s life there are may be some planetary effects.

palm reader pandit ji myastron

consult with palmist expert

Consult with our expert palm readers to analyze your palm because every line in your palm defines a specific cause in your life. Our Palm Reading Expert guides you to uncover these facts.
  • Close to your palm lines with expert palm guidance.
  • Uncover the specific meanings of your palm lines.
  • Get prediction about your business and solutions of your problems.
  • Get prediction about your marriage.
  • Solve your health issues by expert palmistry advices.

frequently asked questions

Palmistry is the part of astrology which predicts human characteristics and fates Palm reading is a science that foretells fate by studying the shape, size, nails, skin, finger, thumb and color of the palm.
Both ways are accurate in their respective ways but it depends upon the hands of expert. The difference between astrology and palmistry is like connections which reasults are in one way.
Yes fate can be observed easily by palm reading, palm reading does predict the human fate like health, wealth, material success, love and marriage, divorce, overseas travel, madness and suicidal tendency.
There is no hard to consult our palm analyst, it is better to consult in the morning just visit our web site or direct concult with our offcial no which mentioned in our website any aspariants can direct contact to our Plamistry experts with in few minutes.
Usally palmistry session takes 30 minutes to 45 minutes but it depends upon the curiosity and satisfaction of yours, our Experts usually take 1 hour for full palmistry reading.

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