what is numerology?

Experts at Myastron analyze your birth chart with all complexities and diagnose the source of the problem. Our appropriate remedies with suggestions help to remove all life complications and diverse astrological reports and services.

  • It is a faith in spiritual connection between a number and one or more harmonized events of life.
  • Numbers of numerology provides better understanding life
  • A person can know more secret meaning of numbers
  • The cosmos and life affects by your date of birth
  • Any one get personalized prediction through numbers in numerology
  • It is the idea the universe is a system in numbers

benefits of numerology

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application of numerology

lucky number

The numbers which calculated from Name or Date of Birth and favorable for the person according to numerology.

Love Compatibility

The ancient technique to find the right matches between two people for their entire lifer bonding through numbers.

Life Path Number

Determining numbers 1 to 9 or master numbers 11 to 33 sum of digits in your birth chart date give life predictions.

Friendship Compatibility

This technique allows seeing the strength in which you and your friend are completely a compatible match through numbers.

Marriage Date

Numerology can chose a particular numbers or lucky dates which plays  role in deciding the marriage.

Lucky Date

Numerology identifies different dates some of these dates which brings luck and prosperity  for your life.

Event Date

Reliable forecast for the date when specific events will happen are elusive for you and your family.

Travel Date

The forecasting of auspicious date which is favorable for your travel provides positive results of work.

numbers in numerology

Numerology Number 0


It absorbs answers from spiritual sources delivers to us in the real world

Numerology Number 1


Number 1 is root of opportunity in lives and symbol of confidence

Numerology Number 2


Represents both grace and power bring peace and balance back to a relationship

Numerology Number 3


This numbers youthful and positive energy get incredible zest for life

Numerology Number 4


Very dependable and provides great amount stability to a situation

Numerology Number 5


The need for a variety of exciting experiences to feel fulfilled

Numerology Number 6


Represents unconditional love and the ability to support

Numerology Number 7


It is the guidance of access the hidden truths of life

Numerology Number 8


It is the Powerful presence and a strong drive for success in life

Numerology Number 9


It absorbs answers from spiritual sources delivers to us in the real world

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frequently asked questions

It can’t predict your future since it isn’t God. However, it can uncover the numbers which are affecting your life by understanding the effect of those numbers, Our expert numerologist can reach determinations about the idea of occasions happening to your life at some random time.
Both the names the birth certificate name or current name must be used to know the complete and accurate story of your life.
No not really, there are such countless different parts to think about Our expert numerologist have offered consultation to so many of our customers who have inconsistent numbers yet they are happy in their current married life.
No there is nothing of the sort called good or bad numbers however yes each number is related with positive and negative energies.
Visit our website or contact to our number which is menstioned in website you can take direct consult with our expert numerologist.

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