significance of puja

Pooja is a way by which we can get blessings of God and neglect evil influences of malefic planets in our birth charts or kundali through acknowledgement, prayers and by performing rituals.

  • Best Astrological remedies of different Dasha, mahadasha
  • The simplest way to seek blessings of god
  • The way of mitigates negative influences of planets
  • Powerful way to reduce the negative effects of life
  • Warding off evil influences of the malefic planets

Various Types Of Puja We Offer

Shani graha shanit puja

The malefic effects of Shani Dosh present in your kundali will lead to failure in every sphere of life and extreme financial crisis. An individual can neutralize the malefic effects of planet Saturn by arranging this puja.


  • Brings prosperity to life for long and happy living with whole family.
  • Decrease your obstacles of career provides brightness in future.
  • Physical and mental worries go away by the blessings of your ideal.
  • Important tasks get completed and way of future will be bright.
  • Offers a disease free life make you healthy and wealthy in future.

Nakshatra Shanti Puja

This puja is performed to neutralize bad effects of the nakshatras prevailing at the time of birth of an individual. This puja nullifies the malefic effects of planets in their main periods like mahadasha or antardasha.


  • Gains good effects of Nakshatra bless your life with positiveness.
  • Governs the subconscious aspects of life and uncover hidden facts.
  • Enhances inner power or confidence and encourage for sucess.
  • Produce favorable results according to your professional life.
  • Remove all doshas from kundali provide freedom from obstacles.

Graha Shanti Puja

Graha Shanti Puja is performed to reduce the negative effects of the planets that are malefic. This puja improves the positive energies of an individual and their family. This puja is also called as Navagrahas shanti puja.


  • Protects from evil eyes and make a sorrounding of positive energies
  • Purify a house surrounded with holy vibes and protect your family.
  • Protects from Graha doshas or negative energies present in kundali.
  • Increases positive energies in health, and wealth makes happy.
  • Prevent from unfortunate events and provide invisible protection.

Dosha Shanti Puja

The purpose of this Puja is to neutralize malefic energy of a malevolent nakshatra found in the birth chart of a new-born baby similar to its parents. This puja protects from experiencing the outcome of unhappiness and misery.


  • Reduce confusing state of mind and get more focus for your career.
  • Helps one to attain positive vibes around the whole circle of life.
  • Neutralize the ill effects of planets present in your kundli.
  • Enhance inner strength and boost confidence for the sucess.
  • Removes the obstacles of personal and professional life.

Rahu Graha Shanti Puja

This Puja suggested to reduce the malefic effects of Rahu remove Rahu dosha and enhance the benefits of the Rahu graha present in the birth chart or kundali.


  • Protect from evil effects and negative energies present your circle.
  • Help to win over enemies by getting the blessings of planet Rahu.
  • Minimize malefic effects of afflicted planet Rahu present in kundali.
  • Make stability in personal professionally with great opportunity.
  • Get blessings of planet Rahu to over come from your life obstacles.

Mangal Graha Shanti Puja

This puja offers to mars affected persons because positive Mars gives strength to overcome all the obstacles and reach your goals and negative mars make you weak, aggressive, fearful arrange of this puja neutralize the negative effects of mars.


  • Overcome health issues like blood and Skin or make you healthy.
  • Reduce the effect of mangal dosha present in kundali.
  • Overcome relationship and marriage life issues.
  • Financial freedom out of debts grows way of your income sources.
  • Gain wealth and prosperty in life with positive vibes of this puja.

Kaala Sharpa Dosha Shanti Puja

This special puja is arranged to satisfy planet Rahu and reduce the intensity of kaal sarp dosh in birth chart. This puja is specially performed in the temples of Trimbakeshwar and Kalahasti by expert Pundits.


  • Family relation grows strong with blessings of this puja.
  • Open doors of success and peace or remove obstacles of life.
  • Get Blessings of 9 species of snakes with the key of your success.
  • Provides freedom from fear on mind and boost your confidences.
  • Leads to a successful professional life towards growth.

Magha Nakshatra Shanti Puja

This Puja is arranged for Gandmool dosh nivaran present in your birth chart. Which is built in the horoscope by the goodness of the presence of Moon in Magha nakshatra. This puja neutralize the evil effects of dosh.


  • Remove obstacles from marriage life by its positive blessings.
  • Boost your self-confidence to face the upcoming obstacles.
  • Gain health, wealth, and prosperity by arranging this puja.
  • Get the blessings of Positive results during Mercury Mahadasha.
  • Get benefice effects of Magha Nakshatra in your birth chart.

Revati Nakshatra Shanti Puja

This puja is directed to nullify bad effects of nakshatras present in the birth chart at time of birth of a person. Positive effects of this puja finish bad effects of planets in their main periods or sub-periods.


  • Get blessings of Nakshatra during Dasha and Mahadasha in kundali.
  • Neutralize the negative effects of negative Nakshatra in kundali.
  • Correct the bad effects of Revati Nakshatra during Mahadasha.
  • Neutralize Gandmool dosh evil effects during the Horoscope.
  • Give more positivists and more power to the Nakshatra.

Moola Nakshatra Shanti Puja

This special puja is arranged for 27 days to nullify the bad effects of Gand Mool nakshatras which present in the birth chart of a person from his/her birth and get positive effects of Nakshatras.


  • Eliminate all problems of life during Dasha and mahadasha.
  • Decrease health problems faced by the parents of the baby.
  • Offers a balance and stability in career, health, and marriage.
  • Reduces negative effect of Moola Nakshatra in your horoscope.
  • Getting the positive effects of the nakshatra with positive Blessings.

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