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The real essence of Vastu Shastra lies in maintaining the best equilibrium of the five elements Earth, Water, Sun, Air and Space in a building to make use of their best positive effects.

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  • Vastu Shastra for finance
  • Vastu Shastra for health
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elements of vastu shastra

AirAir is related to our senses of touch and sound. It should enter the house from the northwest direction.
EarthThis element influences human lives with its gravitational and magnetic qualities.
WaterNorth-east direction for water brings positivity. It boasts maximum positivity in this direction.
FireFire is connected with the Sun that relates to vitality and strength and the best direction is southeast.
SpaceThis element is related to hearing. The central space at the house needs to be vacant to avoid disturbances.

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online vastu tips

Vastu For Home

vastu for home

Vastu shastra depends on different energies that are peace, prosperity and achievements.

Vastu For Business

Vastu For Business

The goal of the business Vastu is to enhance productivity and minimize the adverse effects.

Vastu For Finance

Vastu For Finance

Vastu can help to improve your finances by considering structures and the directions in your home.

Vastu for Health

Vastu For Health

Vastu, a cosmic science uses nature’s rhythm to introduce a sense of well being to your life.

Vastu For Land

Vastu For Land

Vastu for land will keep away the negative energies, health issues and money loss situations.

Vastu For Job

Vastu For Job

Vastu for the job will let you introduce yourself with  your skills, experiences and aspirations.

Vastu For Marriage

Vastu For Marriage

As per Vastu, certain defects and wrong placements in home leads to create a problem for marriage.

Vastu For Kitchen

Vastu For Kitchen

As the kitchen is the hub of all kinds of energies, if it’s misplaced then bad impact can take place.

frequently asked questions

Vastu is a science of balancing between negative and positive energies in a house or any constructions and surroundings.

Vastu’ is an amalgamation of Bio-energy Force, Gravitational Force, Magnetic Field of Earth, Solar Energy, Velocity of Wind and Cosmic Radiations.

An underground water body in the South-West area of a house is the most negative and major flaw in ‘Vastu’. This may lead to the defects represented by the 3 D’s: Debts, Delays and Disharmony in the family. Similarly, desecrating North-East and the Center (‘Brahma-Sthana’) are also major flaws.

The corner represents the blending of two cardinal directions which also represents any of the four elements of ‘Vastu’ i.e. (North-East:-water, South-East:-Fire, South-West: Earth, North-West: Air).

No, remedies were never discussed or written in any of the ancient Hindu scriptures ‘Vedas’. Pyramids, Mirrors,’ ‘Yantras’ are used to help in improving the environment, thought process and general happiness within the household which are highly effective.

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