Pisces Zodiac Sign

This last sign of the zodiac calendar is a dreamer. They are emotionally sensitive and gracious. Pisces are very friendly and often find themselves in the company of very different people. They are selfless and always willing to help others
  • Pisces have an intuitive understanding of the life cycle
  • Create an incredible emotional relationship with others
  • Pisces is intuitive and incredibly creative by nature
  • It is the sign of pain as the last house in the birth chart
  • Pisces is ruled by the planet for happiness and optimism
ElementsPisces is the Water element
Symbol It symbolizes to Pair of Fish
Polarity Pisces has the negative polarity
Color Sea Green is the lucky color
DayThursday, Sunday, Tuesday are the lucky days
Lucky GemstoneMoonstone, Red Coral, and Yellow Sapphire are the favorable stones
Ruling PlanetNeptune rules over pisces
Ruling HouseIt is available in the Twelfth house
Lucky Number 3,7 are the lucky numbers
Compatible SignVirgo is the most compatible sign
Lucky Dates3, 7,12, 21

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Pisces Career

A Pisces is a multitasker. They have lots of interest in working on multiple projects at the same time. As their tenth career house is ruled by Sagittarius, they will have a dual career. Even you will see frequent changes in your career domain. Stability in a career is always an issue for Pisces.

Pisces Health

Well shaped feet are noted features in Pisces. Their sense of taste and smell are exceptional. They are vulnerable to colds, sinus trouble and water retention in the body. Even minor seasonal changes can adversely affect their health

Pisces Job

Pisceans are usually artistic and creative and don’t like to be constrained by someone else’s vision. A stuffy office environment with mundane work is the Piscean’s worst thing to do. If they did not find anything interesting then it is difficult for them to concentrate.

Pisces Love

As Pisces is the most emotional sign among other signs, they seek romantic love and look for a soulmate more than most. For Pisces their partners are charming and empathy makes for a very spiritual bond for this sign.

Pisces Business

Pisces can be a leader or boss but is too sensitive for business. As they live in their fantasy land, it becomes difficult for them to encounter reality. They are not interested in a systematic approach and also lack self-discipline.

Pisces Marriage

Mostly Pisces do not discriminate between caste, creed or economic status. This sign wants a soulmate to meet its romantic desires. Falling in love is like a fairytale story. They are ready to put their whole heart into a relationship. They like to be in a commitment.

Pisces Finance

Money is not that important for Pisces. According to this sign, the primary objective in life should be feeling good by doing good. Live with a peaceful mind. Pisces comfortably earn instinctively and intuitively. But they need to take extra caution.

Pisces Friendship

Pisces are loyal to their friends. Pisces likes people and likes gatherings, but may sometimes feel exhausted by large gatherings. A Pisces honours childhood friendships, and even if they feel they've grown apart from their earlier friends, will still find ways to keep in touch.

Pisces Lifestyle

Pisces are dreamy, spiritual and deeply emotional. Resounding sensitivity can make it difficult for these people to lead an easy social life. They are often characterized as a sign of sorrow, for they feel so much and don't often fit in anywhere.

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Love Problem

  • Pisces struggles to create boundaries
  • They are much more away to the reality
  • This sign is very much unreliable
  • They are very much unsure about commitments
  • It is very difficult for Pisces to put feelings into words

Marriage Problem

  • Applying logic to love
  • Escape from the relationship stress
  • Not taking enough alone time
  • Fearing typical relationship rules
  • Seeming emotionally detached

Health Problem

  • Struggling with seasonal changes
  • Pisces struggle with sinus issues
  • Pisces have foot issues
  • They think that any physical ailment can be solved with a positive attitudes
  • Sometimes the medicine side-effects create more allergies to them

Business Problem

  • Many times Pisces takes easy ways and is never able to be famous
  • They become lazy most of the time
  • When they see profits they become selfish
  • Pisces are not punctual and indiscipline
  • They choose shortcuts and it makes them earn low income

Compatibility Problem

  • They forget themselves for the loved one
  • They will struggle to understand the motives of a partner
  • If both are emotionally withdrawn it will create a problem
  • In a relationship they need space
  • Insensitivity is a big turn off for Pisces

Friendship Problem

  • As they are over-sensitive, make issues of small things
  • In stress, they will escape even from friendship
  • Their indecisive problem often create problems
  • They are very much moody
  • They have weak-willed and very much Gullible

Career Problem

  • Pisces have hypersensitive nature
  • They can’t easily overcome failures
  • Pisces can’t tolerate criticism
  • They look for shortcuts, never plan to achieve bigger success
  • Their laziness often creates problems in career

Job Problem

  • They can’t even decide which job they should do or choose
  • It is very susceptible to developing habits that Pisces can beg loan or money
  • They have a problem managing themselves
  • They easily lose their control
  • Their lazy nature becomes obstacle in their career path

Pisces Horoscope Prediction

Love Prediction

  • Never miss an opportunity to connect with someone new
  • Work on communication skills
  • Look for ways to grow in your love relationship
  • Try to follow your heart
  • your mates rely on you to soften the rough edges

Marriage prediction

  • Goodness and happiness follow in love and marriage
  • Better communication would work wonders in love and marriage
  • A sense of satisfaction and satiation would be noticed in your love life
  • There would be love and commitment between the partners
  • They are very honest in a relationship

Job prediction

  • This year is favourable for all those who are in search of a job
  • You will give better results under pressure
  • Before joining a new company, check all pros and cons
  • If you are in business carefully before signing legal documents
  • Grow your technical skills

Personalized prediction

  • Work harder to make the most of the opportunities
  • can decide to invest in a new property or vehicle
  • There will be a constant rise in your income level
  • You can spend your money on business expansion
  • Family life will remain blissful

Health prediction

  • You need to take care of your eating habits
  • Do everything naturally to be physically fit
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle to avoid mental and physical stress
  • Keep positive thinking to gain in every matter
  • Hypertension patients will be little careful

Life prediction

  • Remedial solutions for a healthy life
  • Working on wealthy life structure
  • Solutions to meet better financial conditions
  • Good job and career perspectives
  • Have a progressive, prosperous and peaceful life

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