Leo Zodiac Sign

Shine with the ruling Sun and driven by Fire warmth, is the sign of royalty. With steer clear drama, it is one of the most generous souls you will ever meet.

  • Big heart, warm spirit
  • A joy to be around
  • Intense and energetic
  • Passionate in all pursuits
  • There are their own harshest critic
ElementsLeo is the Fire element
SymbolIt symbolizes Lion
PolarityIt is always Positive
ColorThese Gold, Yellow, Orange are the lucky colors
DaySunday is the lucky day for LEO
Lucky GemstoneCarnelian is the lucky stone
Ruling PlanetSun rules over the LEO
Ruling HouseIt is the first Fifth
Lucky Number5 is the lucky number
Compatible SignAries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius
Lucky DatesEach month the 5th, 14th, and the 23rd

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LEO Career

It is a curious sign that is always ready for adventure. This star sign loves to explore. It is also a highly sociable character, who loves to meet others. So travelling and exploration kind of job will suits you.

Leo Health

It likes to be seen and be seen for its health freakiness. Leo always looks for motivation. Try new gym clothes, make health mates, thrive on competitions, add on Facebook fitness clubs and work out.


This always loves to be the center of attraction. Leos' Strengths make them good in the jobs like an actor, event manager, teacher, Designer, Motivational Speaker, Travel writer, Politician and etc.

LEO Love

This sign loves hard. However busy may always make sure to reserve plenty of time for it. Falling in love is easy for them, but to match and staying in love is tough. Leo can easily be disappointed if their date fails, that is why the reason they hardly unable find true love.

LEO Business

These are excellent leaders, they can manage juniors very well. They are very good at teamwork. They respect and manage time and money too. They give orders but with politeness and respect. They can manage business cleverly and can handle hurdles in a cool and calm way.

LEO Marriage

Though they are flirtatious, romantic, they are loyal and passionate too. Marriage tends to be something they admire. Once they are committed, they will put their whole heart into making it work. Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius are the best matches for them.

LEO Lifestyle

It can be a go-go with every situation, either party or work. For a Leo, the bed is not only meant for sleeping, but they will also eat, watch and relax every time in bed during holidays. A Leo loves being surrounded by friends, adulators, or even strangers.

LEO Finance

They love luxury. They don't care to spend as much as they spend on quality. But they are not foolish. Leos have strategies behind their spending decisions. Without going into debt they plan their best strategy to meet the best style at their affordability as they plant out.

LEO Friendship

Friends are the favorite word for Leo. Though they are very friendly, getting to know they are on a deeper level is challenging. They share their inner emotions with close one. Sagittarius is the best match for friendship. Leo loves those who aren't afraid to live life out loud.

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Love Problem

  • It is stubborn out of all zodiac signs
  • They take everything personally
  • They want a partner, who does not expect more
  • They need a lot of help  from partner
  • It never to let you take the credit before him/her

Marriage Problem

  • Coping with Leo ego is problematic for the partner
  • They are Reluctant to compromise
  • Dominant, what things on his/her way every time
  • Very much impulsive if nothing works as per his/her
  • Cheesy words repel Leos and can make him/her irritated

Health Problem

  • High BP, blocked arteries and irregular heartbeat 
  • Often run high fevers and are prone to accidents
  • Leo pushes itself so hard that may suffer strain
  • They suffer from back and spinal cord.
  • Leo gets lot of mood swings at every interval of time

Business Problem

  • They should not do business with friends
  • Giving products or services on credit can create problems 
  • They should share business strategies in public 
  • Without seeing risks, the business expansion is risk
  • Compromising on product quality degrades brand value

Compatibility Problem

  • Wants every attention on them, not on their partner
  • Rejects partners who are not matching to their energy
  • Get competitive even with a partner
  • Can break a relationship if their partner expects too much
  • Doesn’t like to change with respect to other.

Friendship Problem

  • Can befriend easily but it is difficult to be close enough
  • Mostly socialize with the same level of mentality friends
  • Where respect is absent, you won’t find Leo as a friend
  • Won’t befriend if you take advantages

Career Problem

  • Does not like challenging situations
  • If anybody does not get respect they don’t work
  • They are very egoist
  • Is unwilling to follow others orders
  • They create lots of problems when they are subordinates

Job Problem

  • It is reluctant to obey others’ orders
  • in the team, Leo wants every attention on him/her
  • It’s self approach helps to excel in the job
  • They are not good in solo jobs
  • They did not do well in writing jobs

Leo horoscope prediction

Love prediction

  • Falls in love quickly
  • Full of zest in the matters of love and sex
  • Can spend hours pleasuring partners
  • Has a great power of attraction
  • Loyal after committed

Marriage prediction

  • Flirt a lot with their partner
  • Very much protective for family
  • They like a luxurious and happy life
  • Loves dirty talks
  • They are very good and making things in their way

Job prediction

  • They are good at social connection
  • They are fond of adventure so look for exploration jobs
  • They are very much creative
  • Can go for acting 
  • Likes more entertainment jobs

Personalized prediction

  • It is a fiercely loyal friend, ally and lover
  • Mind is constantly racing with thoughts and ideas
  • It is not afraid to tell you exactly what they think
  • It is supportive and encouraging
  • Learn to handle mood swings

Health prediction

  • They have great stamina and strength
  • If fall ill, they tend to recover faster
  • They are adventurous people who like to live a carefree life
  • Muscular, heart, spine and stomach related problems could bother them
  • They need to be particular on diet

Life prediction

  • Remedial solutions for a healthy life
  • Working on wealthy life structure
  • Solutions to meet better financial conditions
  • Happy family life
  • Good job and career perspectives and a happy life.

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