problems in life

Why we face problems in our life?

Life is full of mystery. It is not easy to understand the difficulties of life. Why are we facing problems? Why are certain situations out of control? These are the questions we face when our doors of spirituality open the path towards astrology. Astrology is a guidance and knowledge through which one can see beyond life.
  • Are you facing adversities with no solutions consistently?
  • Do you experience instability in your career?
  • Are you facing severe health related issues?
  • Are you going through a bad face in family relationships?
  • your love and marriage life is not good?

problems that badly affect our life

Family problem

Family problems have the power to break you inside out and make life more challenging because it is the closest to your heart. Everyone always wants to come back to people they love at the end of the day. Because family is the source of inspiration, happiness and energy. If family falls, definitely the foundation pillar of your life gets weak.
  • Lack of Understanding Between Husband and Wife
  • Constant Feuds with family members, relatives, neighbors
  • Discord in Prosperity and Peace
  • Property issues
  • Increasing Differences

Land problem

When it comes to wealth and property one feels happy and prosperous in life but nowadays it is the biggest problem in every family. Land properties become a vital issue for family disputes nowadays.Our birth chart can help us discover the various astrological reasons for disputes in property/real estate. .
  • Family disputes due to land property issues
  • Houses/Planets responsible for Property or Land Disputes
  • Issues regarding proportion of property share
  • Property yogas in the Kundali
  • Different legal reasons for property issues

child problem

As per evolution theory everybody male and female joins together for increasing life on earth and consistently following the same path for long. So when a couple could not have children, their marriage and life seemed worthless to them. With the help of astrology you can find the reasons for the inability causing childlessness.
  • Astrological reasons by houses those indicate child birth
  • Planetary combinations for childlessness
  • Check whether there is child yoga is available or not
  • Parent Kundli chat matching to check child yoga
  • Combinations in Astrology for childbirth Without Problem

Compatibility problem

Successful life needs a perfect compatibility between couples. Nowadays you will find varied issues in couples life as they are not following match making in astrology. So astrology does matchmaking and guides the couples to perform some rituals due to malefic planets to live a successful love life.
  • Lack of harmony in relationship
  • Extra marital affair or divorce issues
  • Checking planets and houses for creating doshas in marriage
  • Checking financial status and health status after marriage
  • Relationship after marriage between couples and in-laws

friendship problem

We tend to spend most of our time, and share most of our emotions with friends, who come into our life as strangers and stay permanently in our life as angels, always being with us in both good and bad times. In astrology there are certain houses, can predict the status of your friendship zone.
  • Astrology houses and planets to check friendship stability
  • Through planets know who is real friend and who is fake
  • Check whether you have friends in business and offices
  • Natural malefic defines treachery by friends
  • Friendship will continue for life long or not

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