Libra Zodiac Sign

They are very much charming, beautiful and well-balanced. As the sign of balance, Libra represents both the head and the heart. They focus on logic and fact to ensure everything is fair. Beautiful both inside and out, it stands for harmony, elegance, and equality.

  • Libras have a strong sense of right and wrong
  • They see both sides of every situation
  • Great at launching new initiatives
  • Libras mostly trust their intuition
  • Libras teach that true liberation hides in lightness
ElementsIt is the Air sign
SymbolIt symbolizes Scales
PolarityIt is the Positive sign
ColorBlue, Jade Green, Pink are the lucky color
DaySundays, Mondays and Tuesdays are the lucky days
Lucky GemstoneSapphire, Diamond, Emerald & Turquoise
Ruling PlanetVenus is ruling Libra
Ruling HouseIt is present in the Seventh house
Lucky Number5,6 and 9 are the lucky numbers
Compatible SignAries, Sagittarius are most compatible sign
Lucky DatesSeptember 22 – October 23 for 2021

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Libra Career

As a born leader, they tends to be an entrepreneur. They excel in business, innovation, deal-making, entertainment, sports, and medicine. They want the freedom to work and to apply their creativity on work for self improvement.

Libra Health

Tennis, volleyball, adult soccer—They loves workout routines that are just as fun as they are calorie scorching. It doesn't like to sweat it out solo at the gym. This air sign rules the kidneys, ovaries, and lower back, making cramps common.

Libra Job

If this sign works with a great team and on projects they believe in, their job is fun. Librans love dreaming up new projects to accomplish and challenges to meet. Libras think of their coworkers as friends, where they can trust and have fun with colleagues.

Libra Love

They love flirting, drama and pageantry of romance. This is among few signs which enjoy its first dates. It will sometimes hold back on falling in love, worried that partnership equals loss of self. Libra never rush on anything, they will use their rational mind and heart.

Libra Business

They have a keen sense of business and put a high emphasis on teamwork and collaborations. They respect justice and fairness above all and expect others to share their beliefs. The level-headedness and honesty may be advantageous in the business.

Libra Marriage

The individual will want to make sure his or her partner is given the chance to input his or her desires. They are sapiosexual, they are turned on by intelligence. Gemini, Leo and Pisces are the three compatible signs for Libra to marry.

Libra Finance

The finance of Librans is always illogical and frivolous. Libra born personalities are more careful in saving money not for themselves but others. Libra may go even a step further to borrow money to help people. At the same time, Libra is very careful in paying back its debts.

Libra Friendship

Libras often turn out to be best friends to many. They love socializing, entertaining, connecting quickly and love getting to know people. They're not judgmental about others, for a Libra, there's always room for one more rather than people which the libra like to spend time with the one libra like.

Libra Lifestyle

Libras are well known for their "the more, the merrier" mentality, and they love to be connected to diverse groups of friends and family. They'll never say "NO" to an invitation, but they may spread themselves too thin And while Libras are incomplete without friend and family members.

Libra prediction

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Love Problem

  • Too much flirting creating problems for them
  • staying in a relationship that is not working
  • Over-idealizing their partners for small thing also
  • Allow the partner to take all decisions
  • Buying love and affection which leads to doubt

Marriage Problem

  • They fall in love easily without even knowing the person
  • Reluctant to be more adaptive with patner
  • Libras can’t make up their minds with patner
  • Libras manipulate others to get what they want
  • Libras fail to commit due to their weighing nature

Health Problem

  • Skin and kidneys, buttocks and adrenals are Libra affected areas
  • The sexually transmitted illness is more likely to get
  • Skin issues are always there or likely to get
  • These people are susceptible to water-borne diseases
  • Libra body easily absorbs poisonous agents

Business Problem

  • Libras are detached and unemotional
  • They can lose their cool, separate people, and create conflict
  • They are self-indulgent and selfish most of the time
  • Librans put limits on their sex balance
  • They cease their relation if found any obstacles

Compatibility Problem

  • They are detached and unemotional
  • They can lose their cool, separate people, and create conflict
  • They are self-indulgent and selfish most of the time
  • Librans put limits on their sex balance
  • They cease their relation if found any obstacles

Friendship Problem

  • Librans are very manipulative in every situation
  • They are prone to letting others change their thinking
  • Their diplomatic minds enter even emotional things
  • They are selfish most of the times
  • Never share your weaknesses with them

Career Problem

  • They often struggle with confrontation
  • They have eyes for high standards
  • They are great at balancing many tasks
  • Cannot tolerate office drama and politics
  • They are very much indecisive in nature

Job Problem

  • They are indecisive and changeable in job
  • They are easily influenced by anyone 
  • It is flirtatious and self-indulgent
  • They are manipulative to make things work for them
  • They did overthink a lot about small things

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Love prediction

  • If committed need to balance relationship life
  • They need to be more flexible with respect to time
  • Need to be adaptive in their relationship
  • They love to flirt to everyone even if they don’t know them
  • They are very much warm-hearted and get emotional attached

Marriage prediction

  • Need to go out of their way to grab attention
  • They find time to solitude for themselves in every situation
  • For the sake of the relationship, they need to make decisions
  • Be more understanding and flexible for others
  • Be more expressive to be close with a partner

Job prediction

  • Your job directly impacted your finances state
  • Don’t rush into activities for improvements
  • Don’t expand your mental pressure at work
  • Work on new thoughts to add to your profession
  • Maintain an ideal harmony between brain, body and soul

Personalized prediction

  • Mixing business and pleasure is Libras’ specialist
  • Balancing between head and heart is the key to success
  • Confront with your heart and cool down your inner conflict
  • Let your talent get some recognition by others
  • Refine your approach to public and have confident

Health prediction

  • Needs to have a routine in their daily life
  • They have to balance everything in their lives
  • Like everything into their comfort zone
  • Always struggles with uncertainty in time
  • They love to have a routine in their daily life

Life prediction

  • Remedial solutions for a healthy life and disease
  • Working on wealthy life structure for lifetime
  • Solutions to meet better financial conditions
  • Good in job and career perspectives line work
  • Have a progressive, prosperous peaceful life

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