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Aries is a fire sign. It is the most active zodiac sign. Initiations are in their blood. They are naturally brave and rarely afraid to take risks in trials.

  • Aries filled with a bundle of energy and dynamism
  • They are spontaneous and courageous
  • Naturally competitive and ambitious
  • Have a great sense of adventure and exploration
  • Very much impatient and don’t like to waste time
SymbolThe Ram
ColorRed, Mustard
DayTuesday, Saturday, Friday
Lucky GemstoneRed and Scarlet
Ruling PlanetMars
Ruling HouseFirst
Lucky Number1, 8, 17
Compatible SignLibra, Leo
Lucky DatesThe ninth day of each month as well as dates that are multiples of nine are the fortunate dates.

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Aries Career

As a born leader, Aries tends to be an entrepreneur. They excel in business, innovation,deal-making, entertainment, sports, and medicine. They want the freedom to work and to apply their creativity.

Aries Health

Aries health issues happen due to overstress of work, angry impatience, and frustration. Stomach disorders, indigestion, kidney and high blood pressure, fuming fever, migraine are susceptible to health problems.

Aries Job

Aries job seekers can be proficient in the posts like Dentist, Hotel Manager, Surgeon, Recreation, Nurse, Financial Analyst, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Sports Star, Tour Guide, Firefighters, Police Officer.

Aries Love

Aries fall hard and fast, and their sudden infatuations can burn out quickly. They are very passionate, energetic and love adventures. An Aries is a passionate lover, sometimes even an addict to pleasures of the flesh and sexual encounters.

Aries Business

As Aries are very active, daring and ready to take the risk, they can be good entrepreneurs. They can start up a new business brilliantly with more self confidence. But if they don't succeed, they will get bored and lose interest for busness.

Aries Marriage

Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo are very much compatible with Aries for marriage. There will be a lot of understanding with Gemini. With Sagittarius Aries will be exploring the possibilities to grow at a higher level. With Leo, the fire energies will have a perfect match.

Aries Finance

Finance of Aries will be in its best position as they are real-time hard workers. The financial status of Aries never dries out. They are good at advising others on the virtues of savings but do not follow the same principles.

Aries Friendship

Aries are all about celebrating their friends, but they just expect the same in return, of course. In conflict, they are direct, which can be hard to take, but they move on from an argument super quickly .

Aries Lifestyle

Aries born people are adventurous who love to experience new things. They are true individuals who don't like to slow down for anyone. This sign will be confident, entertaining, and create the best stories in the group.

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solve problem of aries people with astrology

love problem myastron

Love Problem

  • Check Mars’s position for love problem solution.
  • Keep the balance to maintain a relationship.
  • Impatient Aries create more issues.
  • Faces commitment issues in personal and proffessional life.
  • Impulsive and desire-driven nature creates a problem.
marriage problems myastron

Marriage Problem

  • It tries to change partner in case of unsatisfied with their partner.
  • It wants things to be done in their way.
  • Fast and vast plannings ruin their relationship.
  • It cannot cope with “No”.
  • Difficult to accept changes in marriage life.
health problem myastron

Health Problem

  • It is accident-prone in their life.
  • Prone to high blood pressure in health.
  • They are prone to frequent headaches.
  • Due to affected Moon faces dental and infections.
  • Suffer from tongue and mouth problem.
business problem myastron

Business Problem

  • As a short-temper loses more.
  • Lack of patience creates a problem in proffesionall & personal life.
  • Impulsive behaviour disappoint others.
  • Lack of interest if not succeed makes.
  • Insensitive to other’s emotions & Problems.
compatibility check

Compatibility Problem

  • Impulsive nature irritates partner.
  • Lust and infatuation confuse Aries to hasty commitments.
  • It quickly get bore in a relationship.
  • They have emotionally unavailable in the case of Compatibility.
  • Meet various challenges for a successful relationship.
friendship problem myastron

Friendship Problem

  • It expects the same level of returns in friendship.
  • They can go bad to worse in a broken friendship.
  • Often Aries more  underestimate friends in life.
  • Aries loses touch with reality often in friendship.
  • They take everything personal in their life.
career problem myastron

Career Problem

  • It’s arrogance makes them point out others flaws.
  • Impatience and impulsive nature get them into trouble.
  • It does not like lazy or slow coworkers.
  • Aries won’t wait for anything or anyone.
  • If Aries is a boss then this sign is too demanding.
job problem myastron

Job Problem

  • Stubbornness makes away from actually perspective.
  • This people needs to develop risk management skills.
  • Need to emphasize more on project management skills.
  • It is a self-directed sign, don’t like to take orders.
  • Don’t do enough research to finish a project.

aries horoscope prediction

love prediction

Love prediction

  • This people is very much protective in the case .
  • Make the first move.
  • It does not like a weak partner.
  • Be honest in all they do or say.
  • Aries is jealous and aggressive in love.
marriage prediction

Marriage prediction

  • Aries is very much passionate.
  • Put partner on a pedestal.
  • Love to initiate in the relationship.
  • Fall in love spontaneously.
  • Very much impatient, can’t understand emotions.
job prediction

Job prediction

  • Love to take charge in work.
  • The perfectionist in managing work.
  • Strong-willed and determined.
  • Always choose a career to prove their strengths.
  • Become champion in every project.
personal prediction

Personalized prediction

  • Work on providing positive results.
  • Keep control of negative thoughts.
  • control to enter into greedy schemes.
  • Stay away from adventurous speculations in the share market.
  • Blessed with positive cosmic powers in their horoscope.
health prediction

Health prediction

  • Take extra care of your stomach.
  • Visit dentists regularly.
  • Stay away from alcohol and intoxicating drinks.
  • Personalize your diet plannings.
  • astrological remedies to overcome accidents.
life prediction

Life prediction

  • Remedial solutions for a healthy life.
  • Working on wealthy life structure.
  • Solutions to meet better financial conditions.
  • Good job and career perspectives.
  • Have a progressive, prosperous and peaceful life.

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